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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DNA fingerprinting By: Juanita Sanchez and Mariana Aguirre What is it? How it works ? is used as a copy of DNA. These process happens when we try to melt DNA at 95 degrees celsius. then the strand separate when thetemperature decrease. Each primer binds specifically to the 3 primeend of the target sequence on the appropriate strands of DNA. All the DNA with target sequence most have a copy these process must be repeat the time necessary to complete the cycles Is a test used to identify and evaluate genetic information. its also a test used to findthe relation between two people, to find organisms causing a disease and to solve crimes DNA fingerprinting is a technique use to find similarities between 2 persons or a group. and how does we used DNA fingerprinting to find similarities? first we have to say thatexist two main types of fingerprinting. the first one is RFLP or also know as restrictionfragments length polymorphisms.the second type is PCR that is a abbreviation for polymerase chain reaction. when we have DNA the first thing we have to do is break the DNA into small pieces with something called a restriction enzyme. then we have to separateall the pieces by the size in a device call gel.then we turn on the current of the electric field than makesthat the negative RFLP move towards the positivethese create a marks that make us identify the similarities when you repeat these process with all the people RFLP PCR Paternity test In the paternity test we used the process mention before and we used it to determined if between a father and a child we can found similarities and we make it by taking DNA from each individual and insert it in these process and if the have more that one DNA similarities the are related
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