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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 41 OBJECTIVES We consider that in our country it is important to reform early childhood education processes in which second language learners are exposed to. JUSTIFICATION Brain Research Identify the proper design of environments for learning English in early childhood in different private schools in Bogotá. Identify the English profile of teachers in early childhood bilingual settings Bloom's taxonomy Play Recognize the importance of the application of theories about development and English learning in early childhood. identify methodology in early childhood bilingual environments. Cummins Maslow METHODOLOGY RESULTS Bilingual learning environment. Individual learning style of children when learning English. Bilingual methodology on early childhood bilingual environment. CONCLUSIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY Brown. Douglas. (2007). Teaching by principles. USA. Pearson, Coyle. D., Hood. P. & Marsh. D. 2010). CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning. Cambridge University Press. Celce. M. (2001). Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. United States of America: Heinle & Heinle and Kang. J. (2006). Ten Helpful Ideas for Teaching to Young Learners. English Teaching Forum. 2: 2-13 Universidad de La Sabana Facultad de educación Chía, Colombia 2014 Gina Bernal, Daniella Charris, Nathali Lozada, Carolina Melo and Cristina Virgüez,,, and Lic. en Pedagogía Infantil BILINGUAL PRACTICE Analyze particularlearning profiles on English learning infants.
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