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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 out of 4 students eats breakfast and lunch. Phoenix Elementary District Fact Sheet The School Breakfast Task Force will work with your district to help implement more Breakfast in the Classroom Programs. We will: Students who eat breakfast are more likely to:Reach higher levels of achievement in math and reading.The ability to concentrate better. Retain more information from what they have learned. Higher level of participation in the class. Provide toolkits and resources to help train your school staff. Provide support for securing additional funding for start-up costs. Help document and promote your successes in reducing childhood hunger and promoting students achievement. Current Breakfast to Lunch Participation Ratio for Target Schools. More specifically, teachers who participate in Breakfast in the Classroom have seen positive effects. double click to change this title text! Adapted from NEA Health Information Network School Breakfast Toolkit; Breakfast in the Classroom Share our Strength; No Kid Hungry Fact Sheet. 57% report an increase in attendance. 55% have seen a decrease in visits to the school nurse. 76% say they've seen an improvement in student alertness in the morning. Students who are hungry are morelikely to:Be more hyperactive.have lower math scores.Be absent more often.have to repeat a grade. Why Breakfast in the Classroom? Breakfast in the Classroom is an alternative breakfast model where breakfast iseaten in the classroom after the official start of the school day. Awake Alert Achieve
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