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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The number of White Rhinos as of 2013. However, the subspecies of NorthernWhite Rhinos are on the brink of extinction. BOWLING FOR RHINOS? WHY ARE WE Rhino conservation is a necessity. YOU can HELP! Register or donate today! Bowling for Rhinos also supports cheetah conservation in Kenya Rhino populations are declining faster than ever due to increases in poaching for their horns. Intervention is necessary if rhino populations are to be saved from further decline and to prevent extinction. 20,165 200 4,880 2,850 The number of Black Rhinos as of 2013. 55 4 The number of Indian Rhinos as of 2013. The number of Sumatran Rhinos as of 2013. The number of Javan Rhinos as of 2013. All 55 are of the Indonesian Javan Rhino subspecies. The Vietnamese JavanRhino subspecies has recently gone extinct. The number of Northern White Rhinos left in the world. Bowling for Rhinos is in its 25th year raising funds, while having fun, for the purpose of supporting in-situ conservation programs in Kenya and Indonesia. All funds raised will supportimportant programs that have a positive impact! Bowling for Rhinos alsosupports habitat conservation Join us! Find out more and register online at: under the events section. We look forward to bowling with you. Reference Population data from:IUCN. (n.d.). Facts and fiction: The Rhino horn trade. Retrieved from YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. DON'T LET RHINOS DISAPPEAR!
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