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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Teenage Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships:Scenarios and Solutions "A romantic or intimate social relationship between individuals" - "Two people in an intimate relationship"- Scenario #1 You are not comfortable about having sex with your partner. Solution 1: Talk to your partner about the reasons why you don't want to have sex. Be straightforward and honest in your answerSolution 2: State your boundaries and your values. If your partner does not agree, it may be time to sit down and re-evaluate what the two of you need in order to maintain the relationship.Both of these solutions may cause friction in the relationship. Being calmand understanding, as wellas open to suggestions can keep the communication flowing. Your partner abuses you, either physically, verbally, emotionally or sexually Solution 1: Find the problems and work up the solutions so you could have a fresh start. Talk to your partner about why he/she cheated and get to the bottom of it.Solution 2: Another option is to leave your partner. Although not as positive as the first solution, if both partners are bothered by the unfaithfulness, it maybe time to leave the relationship. Your partner has been unfaithful Solution 2: Find the problems and work up the solutions so you could have a fresh start.Both of these solutions are hard topick. The relationship you are in is an unhealthy relationship and it isup to you to get the help you needso both sides of the relationshipare happy. Scenario #4 You are pregnant and your partner doesn't know Scenario #3 Scenario #2 Solution 1: Open up a dialogue with him. Compose a list of your feelings about the pregnancy using "I" statements. "I've always dreamed of being a mother", "It's not in my morals to terminate this pregnancy", " Be heartfelt, but also be prepared to express your thoughts concretely to him. Solution 1:Your local phone book or the internet will list crisis centers, teen help lines, and abuse hotlines. Use these to talkto people about the situation and they can provide you with support. Solution 2: try to understand the situation from his perspective. Most men think about the financial side to having a child rather thanthe emotional side. By understanding hisfeelings as well as yourown, making the rightdecision for your childand your lifestyle willmake both of your liveseasier. Cheating can be detrimentalto a relationship, but itcan also be the jumpingoff point for morediscussions to find outwhat is wrong in the relationship. Helpful websites Definition:
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