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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Backwards and Forwards Heres why most summits suck as a tool for engagement:They give a false sense of stuff actually getting done.Sweet, we placed sticky notes and stickers on easel papers and drew visions of an ideal community. Yay! We did stuff! (Hey, we got people to vote using sticky dots on easel paper and write their ideas onsticky notes! Yay! We did stuff!)They give a false sense of hope and then usually lead to nothing, especially the community input gathering sessions. Time and time again, we ethnic nonprofit staff rally our communities to various listening sessions. Time and time again, little if any of our community members suggestions are ever implemented.There is usually very little follow-through with relationship building. Summits are enticing because you can kill 50 to 500 or more birds with one stone. After that, though, 90% of the generated energy tapers off because there are usually no funds allocated for staff with the language and cultural skills to continue to develop the relationships.Funds to organize summits are inequitably distributed: Ive seen so many summits that pay consultants and event coordinators, and allocate nothing to ethnic organizations to do outreach work. So what happens? ? ? ? ! ! ? ? ? What was the year the United Nations Refugee Convention was implemented? You will need: Colour Key: Take time to readthrough the Pope's Message. Share one thing that stuck out for you. Read over theDiocesan Activities page. Discuss some ideas that you can do in your own community. - dice- another copy of this kit- scissors (to cut out the player pieces below) Player Pieces: ? Who is the current Minister for Immigration and Border Protection? START HERE ? Congratulations!To finish all players areinvited to come togetherand pray the prayer for Migrants and Refugeesfound on Page x Forward Backward Player must go back the amount of spaces on the die Question Player must answer question to continue ALL players must participateto continue Group Activity ? Player must advance the amount of spaces on the die
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