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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 + About 80% of processed foods have GM ingredients . . . GM Foods Non-Processed Foods Processed Foods How they are a Part of Us How they are a Part of Us 82% of Cotton 165 Million Acres of Genetically Engineered Food is Grown Worldwide 26% of Canola 32% of Corn 75% of Soy 70 Million in the U.S. Alone Using Them to Feed the Worlds Population Using Them to Feed the Worlds Population More Than6 Billion People live on the Planet Now More than 8 Million of them are going Hungry Using GM products would help feed them and the 2 billion people that would fill the planet by 2050 but some countries don't require labeling Labels Labels Only 64 currently require labeling of GM Foods Another 34 countries, including the U.S., don't have any laws for the labeling of GM Foods 90% of people in the U.S support labeling for GM products Yet the FDA has volutary laws for the labeling of GM foods Economic Impact Economic Impact 280 million farmers saved by planting herbicide-tolerant soybeans in 1998 decrease in sale and use of chemicals 12% Environment Environment 20 40 60 80 100 are genectically engineered GM Crops can save money for Farmers but increase prices as well 140% increase in seed prices Varied increase in market cost reduce the use of chemicals requires less work to be done to them - risk of genetic mutations transferring to wild plants insects becoming resistant to the inserted genes could create new health problems could create weeds that resist herbicides Health Impact Health Impact Various genes can be inserted to increase nutrient content + Disease resistance - increased allergens Pesticide/Herbicide gene can affect immune system FDA, USDA, EPA regulate the crops but data from companies is voluntarily given GM Foods have many qualities about them that can benefit the world as a whole but risks can come with it to such as health and the environment. GM Foods make up most of the food market and have many positive effects but it also matches the number of negative effects also. Either way, GM Foods will impact the world now and in the future. Sources ods Sources
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