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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Textbooks BC Library Circulation Policy Source: Joint Circulation Policy: Boys' and Grils' campus Libraries My responsabilities Did you say "FINE"? Renewal I can borrow textbooks but I cannot renew them.I have to return them before the end of each semester. With my Maple Leaf ID card I can borrow books. Borrow library materials I can renew my library books as long as needed. I can renew one time using my Galaxy account or showing up at the Library. I am responsible for library books I borrow. I must prevent them from getting wet, torn, damaged or lost.If any of these things occur, I will be required to pay a fine. Respect the library environment, clean up my garbage and push back my chair before leaving the library. Eating in the library is not allowed; I can bring a bottle of water, snacks or fruits. I must abide by what is permetted and forbidden in the library. Low damage Moderate damage High damage Lost library book Books Magazines 2 items at the same time. 14 days 3 days I can borrow a book but I get to return it back to the library on time. 200% of the initial price of the book 100% of the initial price of the book 50% of the initial price of the book Lost textbook When a damage is more than 300 RMB a letter is sent to parents.The damaged book is kept by the library despite the payment. Overdue books Beginning of semester Overdue notice communicated to students with overdue books from last semester.2 weeks to clear their account.100 RMB is added to their account for each overdue book. End of semester Counselors send overdue letters with students report card to every student's parents with overdue books Fail to pay or return books If parents or student fail to clear his library account, he will continue to acquire 100 RMB for each overdue book every semester until his account is cleared. Library books and textbooks are valuable resources in the BC Library for all Maple Leaf students and teachers.
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