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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BAE PLOT CHARACTORS Zach- A music pop star that usually gets thegirls with a speciallook.Lily- a small town girl that moves to L.A. she'snot what most people would call a "normal"girl. She tells the truth about Zach, that mostpeople wouldn't say to his face "Normal" girls would be all "I'm in love with you."Emily- Knows every detail a person couldknow about another person without beingthat person. Get's all freaked out and hasa HUGE crush on Zach Lily and her family move to L.A.from Indiana. Two small towngirls moving to L.A. onewanting to meet Zach, andthe other could care less about this guy.Lily get's trapped with Zachand goes on adventureswith Zach. Then they fall in love and he breaks Lily's heart.Zach comes to apologize in person and to the world.There is jus tone problem...Zach has a famous girlfriend. SETTINGS CONFLICT Lily and her family Bret, Mercy, and Emily originally lived inIndiana. After Lily discovered she has diabetes the familymoves to L.A. They stayed at a new home, right along the beaches. Malibu beach. Because Zach is so popular and famous it's hard to find a private place to go.Once there private adventure comes to an end, Zach reveals that he can't be seen with Lily because the media will change it into something it's not. Oh My God!Thats great!”Emily cried. I haveto go tell my friends! I can see Zach everyday if Iwanted to! Oh!This is great, I just love it. Dr. Campfire said that you have type two diabetes. Mom started crying again and came over to hug me. By: Sydney Jimmo
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