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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 B2B Marketing B2C RELATIONSHIP TO BRAND Can use industry jargon Efficiency, expertise, to be educated Rationally and logically driven Highly detailed. Expect to be catered for Lengthy to prove expertise a reason to buy in. Wants information. ability to build a close relationship Longer chain of command. Need to approve purchases. Longer, requires more nurturing, close attention. VOICE AUDIENCE SEEKING CHOICES CONTENT LENGTH OF CONTENT B2B Relatable simpler language. Short and snappy, especially for lower-priced products. Isnt necessarily looking to build a close relationship DECISION MAKER Individual typically makes decision BUYING CYCLE Short Lived What Are the Differences? OUTCOME Satisfy immediate needs Last few mins depending on product. Complete long-term goals.Purchase last months - yrs. HOW THIS AFFECTS THE MARKETING STRATEGY? Cost of a sale is more expensive. Takes more consideration. B2B B2C 1. Invest in bigger advertising campaigns and other ways to spread the word about products.2. Produce engaging, humorous, sharable content for distribution on social media. Interested in Logic Behind Product SavieTime Save Money SaveResources FEATURES THAT 1. Provide highly targeted and detailed content demonstrating expertise. 2. Convince the features benefits values of product/ services against price to multiple Decision Makers. 3. Convince Multiple Decision makers by educating them through marketing activities. B2B SALES PROCESS B2B Thirst for Knowledge Why B2B buyers are information seekers constantly looking to increase profitability and enhance careers marketing collateral for B2B markets can be more in-depth. If youprovide them with information thats informative, interesting, and relevant to their concerns and needs, theyll read it. REACHING AUDIENCE BETTER ENGAGEMENT EXPLAINING FEATURES We all know YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine online, so the chances are your target audience is on there, but in additionto this statistic 52% of executives watch work-related videos onyoutube at least weekly (Forbes). PERSONAL CONNECTION Video can engage an audience. Customers would rather watch a short 2 - minute video about your product or service, insteadof reading pages and pages of content on your website. Forbes survey found that executives like information ina mix of text and video. They look to different outlets for different types of videos(e.g., business sites for news, YouTube for testimonials). Andmany are willing to engage withlonger videos. is Effective in B2B Marketing? Video is an effective way to explain product functions, processes and other concepts that are hard to describe in copy. Keep in mind, a video demonstration can go even further when accompanied with additional copy. IMPROVING SEO Your brand will get discovered more. With Google incorporating video into its search results, and the seamless integration betweenYouTube and other top social networking sites, your videos can be seen by many. Videos attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads. (Marketing Sherpa) MORE DATA, ANALYTICS YouTube can be quantified. You can track subscribers gained, video views, viewer demographics, traffic sources, the drop off point in video streaming and for trueviewads. REACHING DECISION MAKERS YouTube is a social network presenting another opportunityto create conversations with your brands audience. Branded video channels allow users tosubscribe and follow to get the latest video posts. And the abilityto provide comments means you can engage one to one and build relationships with potential clients, Identifing new leads.More than half of senior executives share videos with colleagues at least weekly, and receive work-related videos as often. Younger executives appear very willing to share and view videos using social media. INTEGRATED SOCIAL Video is a richer communication method for a more personal connection between your brand and the viewers. Essential for Building relationships. Video allows information about your product to reach multiple decision makers, reducing the chance of information beingdiluted down and lost along the chain. Youtube offers targeted advertising in the form of true view ad's, you only pay for the people who engage with your ad and you can target by categories users watch or re-target previous visitors to your channel. Executives can be receptive to video advertising. Overall, executives notice ads that run alongside videos,and many are comfortable watching in-stream ads. Video-friendly younger executives are more comfortable with these ad formats. (Forbes) TARGETED ADVERTISING Insights, in association with Google, surveyedmore than 300 C-level and senior executives at large U.S. companies (more than $500 million in annual revenues Useful, humorous and shareable. Emotionally triggered (hunger,status, cost). Deals, entertainment, enjoyment B2B Marketers are using youtube and are appreciate its benefits71% of B2B marketers rated youtube highly on its effectiveness for generating leads.73% of B2B marketers use youtube for Content Distribution. Work-related video can drive senior executives to take actionOverall, 65% have visited a vendors website after watching a video. Younger executives, however, may be more fully engaged with this type of media, and appear more likely to make a purchase, call a vendor, or respond to an ad. VIDEO IN B2B Marketing B2B marketers across the globe are looking for the best way to approach video96% of B2B marketers are planning to use more video over next yearCompany websites using video have seen a 41% increase in their click through rate, with visitors likely to stay on the site for 2 mins longerVideo is making your digital footprint larger by raising a companies google search ranking by 56 times.Business buyers are craving for video content,B2B marketers ranked video as the highest aspect for standing out from competitorsThe benefits of video on ROI have never been greater and are only increasingThere is a skills gap which is why do 76% of company websites still don't have a video presence on google B2B STATS SOURCES
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