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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS PURCHASE ORDER ENHANCEMENTS c Drastically reduce processing times while handling a significantly greater volumes of datac reducing data entry by leveraging external data sources and auto populate multiple fields at one timec Multi-tenant capability allows visibility and management of multiple accountsc Dashboard provides transactional visibility and insight into your trading partner community activityc Customizable data grid layout allowing you to focus on important information to specific transactional tasksc User Experience enhanced to allows for quicker access to key functions reducing the amount of time needed to process transactionsc Meet complex EDI compliance requirements with additional validation rules and syntax checking for all documents reducing potential data errorsc Support for additional EDI standards including EDIFACTc Compatible with small parcel carriers such as UPS and FedEx ADVANCED SHIP NOTICE ENHANCEMENTS c Meet complex order fulfillment requirements by using a highly configurable allocation featurec Pick Grid updated to latest MS Excel Version have visibility warehouse export to most current version of Excel to handle additional volumec Minimize effort and streamline order fulfillment process by using complex PO grouping scenarios such as backorder, multiple ship windows, and inventory availability. c Groups can be uniquely named and saved for future use c Reduce labor by combining multiple ASNs to a single shipmentc Optimize warehouse workforce by Sorting and Splitting labels based on multiple criteria c Support multiple types of ASNs. For example, an ASN that requires both carton and pallet labels QUICKBOOKS INTEGRATION ENHANCEMENTS SAP B1 INTEGRATION ENHANCEMENTS ADDITIONAL ERP ADAPTERS c Auto assign PO tax rate for import into B1 eliminating tax related errors and minimizing processing timesc Supports multiple unit price level allowing different pricing for different customers c Compatible with QB 2015 versionc Now supporting kit/component management with ability to integrate Item Group into QBc Assign Inventory and bin level within DiIntegrator and import directly into QBc Assign Sales Rep Commissions within DiInegrator and import directly into QB c NetSuitec Microsoft Dynamics AXc Acomba
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