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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RELIGION OF THE AZTECS HUITZILOPOCHTLI Huitzilopochtli was a god that the Aztecs worshipped. He was believed to raise the sun, and control war. They also believed Hiutzilopochtli and the other gods would only favor them, if they kept giving them presents of human sacrifices. RELIGION OF THE SUNS The Aztecs religion was made up of many different religions of different places. They believed that they lived in the 'fifth sun' (which was a period), and that the period they were in was controlled by a sun god named Tonatiuh. They believed there were 5 suns, and 4 of them ended in a disaster that wiped out all the other people.Of corse, they were Polytheistic, (meaning that they believed in more than one God, which they did). WORSHIPPING GODS The Aztecs believed in MANY different gods, and worshipped every one of them. They often performed athletic contests to honor them, as well as offering food. The greatest and biggest temple built in honor of their gods was called Templo Mayor, and was 200 feet tall. Hundreds or thousands prisoners were sacrificed at a time. One Aztec ruler ordered for 20,000 prisoners to be sacrificed. Aztecs started wars just to capture prisoners to sacrifice, and would capture MANY prisoners. Aztecs believed that the most powerful gift to their gods, is a beating human heart. Aztecs were nomads, meaning that they had no permanent home, at least until they built their empire.
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