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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aztec and Inca Venn Diagram Aztec and Inca Venn Diagram Aztec Inca Both Dates: Around 1300-1500. Aztecs were invaded in 1521. Location: Capital- Tenochtitlan. Their empire was built in a lake. It is currently Mexico City. Government: Leader-Montezuma. Their empire grew by taking over other tribes. When a battle was won, losers payed tributes to the winners. The Aztecs paid taxes by crops and valuable items Army: Jacula warriors Conquest: Conquistador - Cortes. Montezuma thought that Cortes was a god. Culture: War like culture. Religion: New warriors gave to the gods for blessing. Inventions/Advancements: Tortillas. Steamhouses. Religion: Temples- very large and tall. Human Sacrifices-Mainly prisoners are sacrificed. Human sacrifices are done to satisfy the gods and to make sure the sun would rise. Humans are sacrificed to fire for the gods. The hearts are pulled out to give to gods. Gods are every part of their lives. They believed in reincarnation. Note(Every sentence is a note. I couldn't do bullets.) Art/Culture/Education- Had no writing. Very skilled in carving and stone work. They treated their kings like gods. Their beautiful clothing took a very long time and was valued more than gold. Songs and poetry was very big. Government: Had an empire. Had no coins. Had markets and traded. Both were very isolated from the outside world. Traditional economy. Army/Weapon: Warriors are important. Clubs with sharp stones. Conquest: Europeans had horses. They had horses. Smallpox killed most of the population. Dates: Around 1200-1500 Location: Capital- Cuzco. Ecuador to Chile. Andes Mtn. Rough lands. Government: Leader- Atahualpa. The Incas bribed and threatened other tribes instead of fighting them. Farming: Farmed in hill side. They stored large quantities of food. Farming/Inventions:Terrace farming. Art/Culture/Education:language- Quechua. Boys have a test of strength then is turned into a warrior. Many descendants still speak Quechua. Festival of the sun. Conquest: Conquistador-Pizarro. Atahualpa let his guard down and did not take them seriously. Miki Nguyen
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