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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aztec and Inca Inca Aztec Both Used to be an island city in Lake Texacoco in Mexico, around 500 years ago/ the 16th century. The Mexicas used to be the most powerful tribe. They were skilled craftsmen and artists, and made many works that are still around today. An average Aztec house would have a thatched roof, simple decorations, and sleeping mats. Cacti, herbs, and spices were important to the Aztecs. The more territories an Aztecan warrior captured, the more valuable he was. The human sacrifices weremade on top of a pyramid,where priests cut out thesacrifice's hearts. The Aztecs were a war-like people whodemanded tributeswhen they conquered another tribe. Everything intheir cities were based on religion/gods. They were very religious-polytheistic. Tenochtitlan- capital city Some of their accomplishmentswere that the doctors madethousands of medicines using plants, and theymade a calendar oftheir knowledge of astronomy. They had an advancededucation- written language systemlike hieroglyphics. They weren't called 'Aztecs'. Spoke theNahuathilanguage. Their sacrifices were held 18 times a year. Both were also conquered by Spanish Conquistadors. Smallpox killed off thousands of both. They both lacked horses and better weapons. In Latin America Both featured lots of steps in their architecture. Both invented importantdevices and techniques. Most descendants are Spanish or Portuguesespeaking. Lovedthe arts Human sacrifices were very important. Stored food in storehousesto avoid famine. They cut stones by hand so they fit together perfectly. They paid taxesin labor. This is called mita From 1200-1535 Capital: Cuzco From Peru to Chile. 15,000 miles of roads were constructed. Quipus helped the Incas count and communicate. The Incas ate guinea pigs Millions of people still speak the Incan language: Quichua They invented popcorn The priests werealso doctors The girls married when they were 14 Had more than 10 million people Their empire was divided into fourprovinces. Excellent farmers-terrace farming was invented. Was the largest and most populated empire in the Americas. The Inca had a structured government and recordkeeping system. By: Samantha Rose Smallwood
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