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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aztec Inca both Located on a lake, which is now known as Mexico City Located in the Andes Mountains and in Peru established in 1428 established in 1200s 1521 was the end of the Aztec Empire the Inca Empire ended in 1572 joined empires with many other powerful empires took over many small tribes in the area government provided land for the people everyone had to do work for the government sacrafised to make the sun rise some gods included Nawatul, Huitzilopochtli, and tlaloc they spoke nahuatl they had instruments made of wood and liked song and poetry played games such as tlachtlai the Aztecs were very skilled craftsmen highest army rank was the eagle warriors carried razor sharp stone clubs and shields made of turtle shells ate maze and cactus used herbs to make medicine the emperor is treated like a god 1/3 of crops were given to the gods they had a festival of the sun where they worshiped the sun god women made the clothes and weaved blankets they did not write their biggest invention was terrace farming, which is still practiced today they were also responsible for the creation of popcorn when men turn 14, they become a warrior if tribes nearby didn't join them, they would kill them grew crops such as corn, squash, and potatoes located near the driest desert in the world taken over by Spanish conquistadors many gods very powerful empirers working form of government remains can still be found today really advanced for their time huge armies sacrificed to the gods By: Seth Wheeler
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