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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Weight loss meal plan women for Overview A person who is trying to lose weight should cut down their intake of saturated fat, refined carbohydrate and sugar. She should aim to eat more vitamin rich foods and drink more water. Plus, they should eat more food that helps increase metabolism- the rate you burn calories you consume. Exercise 5 times/week should be an essential part of their lifestyle. Calorie Definition: A measure of the amount of energy derived from food Whole grain multiseed bread:- Good source of fibre which helps digestion and weight control- Has Vitamin B- helps body release energy from food- Minerals such as Manganese which helps food metabolism Egg whites:- Low in calories- Neglible amount of fat.- High in protein for building muscles Kale:- No fat or cholesterol- Rich in Vitamin A- for vision- Vitamin C- healthy skin- Calcium- strong bones 1 glass of orange juice:- Great Source of Vitamin C.-for healthy skin and boost bones and tissue growth Breakfast Dinner Skinless, boneless Chicken- Protein to build muscle mass and cell repair-Very low in fat Carrots:- Vitamin A- visionSalad:- Fibre that helps digestion.Beans:- ProteinTomato:- Low in sodium- prevents bloating.Broccolli:- High in calcium- good for bones. 1 banana:- Vitamin C- good for immune system- Potassium- regulates heart beat, maintains fluid balance.- Manganese- aids metabolism Lunch Grilled Salmon:- Omega-3 fatty acid- reduces the risk of coronary heart disease-Protein- Vitamin A- vision-Vitamin B-Energy production + stress release- Vitamin C- Healthy skin Peas- Phosphurus-maintain body's pH-Magnesium- helps aborption of calcium, protein and making new cells Brown rice:- Great alternative for white rice-Less refined carbs (which makes you fat)-More minerals (iron- for blood, potassium- blood pressure)-Fibre- helps digestion and elimination-Less calories than white rice!
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