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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Humans Na'vi vs Na'vi and Humans are very differentin the way they live. The Na'vi people do not care about the richest underground.They care about what is around them and they value the importance of family.Humans are greedy and all they care is being rich and they will do anythingto get that. Economic The indigenous species aka the Navi people, didn't care about the riches that was underthem, but the richest that could be seen andused by them. The humans only cared aboutthe riches under neath the ground, because they were greedy, and they would do anything to obtain that. In the 1880s, there was a proliferation period of conflicting European claims to African territory to get the gold and precious metals under the African deserts.The Europeans would do anything to get those metals, not caring about the poeplewho lived there or how much it wouldimpact them. Religion The Na'vi's relion was based around their deity "Eawa." The humans didn'teve take in the consideration that what they were greatly effected by the humans,because the humans thought they were above the Na'vi people. The native tribes of the Africa, didn'thave a choice in accpting the fact that they were being taken over and they were forced to speak a different languageand practice a new religion. They most certainly didn't have a choice in being moved out of their village. Exploratory Political Ideological The Americans needed to gain resourcesfrom Pandora in order to strengthen and benifit the Mother Country. Britain spreading their power intoAfrica to gain resources like gold,rubber, and slaves, to get rich. Americans tried to provide educationto the Na'vi people, to make them more like Americans. France colonized North Africa and triedto provide education to make them more like France in order to make themmore civilized. In Pandora, the researchers wantedto explore the extensive network connections between the plants andanimals in Pandora. When the Europeans separated the different African territories, they explored the land to find the richesand learn about new plants and animals indigenous to Africa.
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