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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Imperialism The Movie vs Exploratory Economic The Na'vi wanted to learn more about Jake so they welcomed himinto their clan to learn his ways, and the scientists wanted to learn about the land and the natives bytaking samples of plants and havingjake give them information. The Na'vi people didn't care much for monetary value since they lived off of the land surrounding them, but the Americans were there for mainly for Pandoras monetary value. The main reason for imperialism is for money that they gain when taking overforeign land for its resources. Political Religious The Na'vi were not influenced much by the americans religions since they were so faithful to Eywa. Besides the americans trying to teach them some thing about being americathey didn't try and change their religion. Ideological The Na'vi were taught english from the americans to make it easier for both parties to communicate witheach other. Previously they tried togive them medicine but they were resistant. Large countries would teach the smaller ones that they concured the way that they lived because their way of lifewas the best way of life. People would explore new landsto see if they are worth being takenover and if they have the resources they need to make money and if they can easily control the country There was no political gain being soughtout on Pandora but the Americans did tryto show the Na'vi that they were more powerfulpeople than their clan. Back when imperialism was important the equation for success was, Resources+Land+People=PowerThat being said the more that you had of thosethings the least likely it would be for someone totry and take over your area or country. The countrywith the most power would be the most important politically. What most high ranking countries did was convert the smaller countries that they took over that christianitywas the only right religion and sincewe worship a certain god you have to too.
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