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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Music will be used as a signal for start and stop. Avalanche SurvivalBy Sasi ValivetiMrs.Aubrey block1/6 When an avalanche first forms, you need to jump up the slope. Most victims trigger the avalancheunder their feet so it will be safeto jump up from the fracture line. Avalanche fracture line Helpful Tips For Extra Help Make sure ALL your family members are prepared and all have survival guideswhen getting ready to hike in an avalancheprone area or mountain. If you are bringing kids on the the trip,never let them wander off or play around.Hold their hands and always keep them in the middle of the crowd. AdultZone AdultZone KidsZoneONLY If you are bringing pets,just put them in cages to prevent them from running around. Move to the side of the avalanche. This will helpyou get out of the way Avalanche Drop all heavy load because you need to be as lightweight as possible to raiseyour chances of staying on top of the snow. avalanche Hold on to something. If itis a small avalanche,thenyou can hold on long enough to letthe flow of snow pass by you. avalanche If you get ripped away from the object you are holding,start swimming now tostay on top of the snow and delay your ride downhill. avalanche double click to change this title text! If you are buried by the avalanche, put one armsticking out of the avalancheto raise your chances topull yourself back up.It is also important to dig a hole and get air. Rememberto conserve air.This will help yousurvive long enough forpeople to dig you out. Get medical help later.You could have gotten frostbite or pnemoniabeing under the icefor hours or days. Kids are in gold.Adults are in white
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