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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Autism What is "autism"?Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a development disability that causes social, behavioral, and communicative challenges. What are the symptoms?Although children with autism may not look any different in appearance, they do display problems that normal children do not. Autism can have individuals ranging from gifted to severely challenged when given certain or all daily tasks. Symptoms may include:- Trouble relating to others or lack of interest in people in general.- Repeat or echo words/sentences.- Have trouble expressing needs and wants in a suitable manner.- Trouble adapting or severe sensitivity to loud/specific sounds. Diagnosis?When a child is born with autism early signs of development issues can be identified around age 2.In special cases, doctors can identify severe cases of autism at 18 months. However, the ultimate trouble is that ASD can not be found via blood test and can only be seen by development and behavioral signs. This means that many children go without diagnosis until they are much older, causing higher risk of problems in daily life as they age. What can YOU do?ASD is a genetic disorder with no cure or ailment that could slow downor prevent the disorder from continuing. Early intervention services such as therapies will greatly benefit the child from birth to age 3. This allows them to learnimportant skills and discipline before they reach an age where theyfind that things are "optional" (above age 3).
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