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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are the Consequences of Authoritarian Parenting? Emotional double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Mental Social Mental Effects on KidsThe mental effects of the strict parenting style address typical thought patterns and mental flexibility.Because of the rigid rules, little space for own opinions and punishments for straying off the set path, children of authoritarian families:Learn to adopt a dualistic thought pattern. Another word for that could be oversimplified thinking or mental rigidity. They don't come to view the world and people in shades. No, the world is black and white. There's right and there's wrong. There's good and there's bad. There's no ambiguity or tolerance of different opinions! In this way children are not just children. No, children are either good or bad. Obedient or naughty!Don't know what they actually like or what they don't like other than what they're being told is good or bad. Children of authoritarian families are used to preset standards and opinions which limit their free individual thinking and ability to mentally question and consequently make independent choices.Emotional Effects on KidsThe emotional effects of the strict parenting style address inner feelings and sentiments and the skills of dealing with them.Children of authoritarian families: Learn that showing emotions is dangerous and may get you into trouble. Children of authoritarian families learn that suppressing and denying feelings make them less vulnerable and prone to being punished. They learn to put a lid on their feelings and present a cool, emotionally detached facade.Learn no skills in dealing with difficult emotions and frustration. Children of authoritarian families have learnt that 'bad' feelings are not acceptable. This non-acceptance of an emotional part of their personality may lead to self resentment: "I'm a bad person when I feel angry!" The negative self image may lead to a lot of anger and / or even depression.Learn that positive feelings and affections may not be 'real' (part of a behavioral agenda) or are not attributed real value (not recognized and responded to). In this way children of authoritarian parents risk becoming emotionally detached and have difficulties with close relationships later in life which require intimacy and emotional honesty and sharing.Become stressed because of their having to tip toe around their parents and being a subject to a constant critical eye that always passes uncompromising judgement.Risk developing self guilt and shame as a result of the punishment strategy. They come to believe that are bad people when they are punished.Social Effects on KidsThe social effects of the authoritarian parenting strict address interpersonal relations and socializing skills.Children of authoritarian parents: Big kid bullying smaller kid in the school playground!Learn that brute force (verbal and physical) is power and that that type of power is attractive. They get the impression that you can get whatever you want (respect, authority, obedience) if you just overpower those 'weaker' and 'inferior' to yourself! In this way strict parents unwillingly provide their children with a perfect recipe for bullying: Force through what you want and squash whatever is in your path!Incorporate a fixed hierarchical behavior pattern which also leads to poor socializing skills. Children of this strict parenting style have learnt to be submissive to authorities. This also means 'inferior' people are to take orders from them. In this way, kids of authoritarian families are susceptible to more readily following peer pressure. Existential
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