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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BETH REVIS She filled her classes with Greek gods, samurai, and ancient monsters. She was an over-achiever and teacher's pet in high school. However, instead of taking notes during class, she wrote short stories. After College, she soon became a teacher She loves to travel. She and her mother are currently in a race to visit the most states Beth wrote tennovels before the eleventh novel she wrote sold. That novel was Across the Universe. It took her a decade and more than a thousand agent rejections before she had any success in publishing. She loved her job but decided to quit and focus more on her writing Born in North Carolina Age and Birthdaycould not be found... She graduated from NC State University with a BA in English Education with a minor in history and a MA in English Literature with a concentration in fantasy literature. Beth currentlylives in rural North Carolina with her husband and her dog C.S. Lewis changed the way she thought about books. While reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she remembered thinkingthat maybe the characters and story were something more, that maybe Aslan was more than a lion. As a kid, she felt like that was a huge discovery to her. The idea that a book could be more than words changed her entire outlook on life. However, she continued writing between grading essays and making lesson plans.
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