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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Australian Film Industry Silent eraIs when people showed film with no sound, with only videos of people.Mostly some of these were mostly comedies with funny and giddy songs to keep audiences entertained. The Australian film industry has its beginnings with the 1906 production of The Story of the Kelly Gang, the earliest feature film ever made. Since then, many films have been produced in Australia, a number of which have received international recognition. Many actors and filmmakers started their careers in Australian films, a large number of whom have acquired international reputations, and a number of whom have found greater financial benefits in careers in larger film producing centers, such as in the United States. The Australian film history has been characterized as one of 'boom and bust' due to the unstable and cyclical nature of its industry; there have been deep troughs when few films were made for decades and high peaks when a glut of films reached the market. 1986-2015The film and television industry in Australia contributes almost three times as much to the economy as do internet service providers, but the latter appear to be largely responsible for a decline in the value of the former, a study by Deloitte Access Economics suggests. Famous actorsCate Blanchet, Russell Crowe, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, Heath Legder, Toni Collette, Joel Edgerton. Australai had high rates of movie viewing and had high records in Film Industry's History Global World wide
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