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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To work harmoniously and motivated, Australian society is reputed to assess the lifestyle of the "no worrys" ("no worries"), establishing a relaxed and informal culture, generally known as "laid-back attitude".. HEALTH TRENDS The term "Oceania" refersto the land mass of Australia and the thousands of islands in the south Pacific Ocean Extreme weather in parts of Australia has made citizens use different treatments in order to alleviate the stress to which the skin is subjected daily. Unprecedented changes in lifestyles and eating patterns, increased demand for healthy food and more ethical Choices OceaniaTRENDS IN AUSTRALIA double click to change this title text! double click to change this title text! TRENDS IN LIFESTYLE Trends with relationships The Australian way of speaking is plain, direct and often employs everyday expressions that may be considered obscene.  Personal communications trends WORKING TRENDS People living in Australia preach the following values ​​for up affectiveand social relations harmoniously and to preserve peace in their territory.Australian values ​​are:Respect for equalityFreedom of religion and secular governmentFreedom of expressionSocial peace IDENTITY TRENDS Alyssa Pendergast & Bayan Souqi, LaFerriere, 11/21/2014 ? ? ? Did you know that Oceania is comprised of over 10,000 separate islands? - Community Services and Health Care (specifically Elderly and Persons with Different Capabilities)- Child Care - Analysts information- Digital media and marketing- Oil & Gas- Accounting and Finance This figure speaks of the importance that the Australian government has foreign labor.  BEAUTY TRENDS FEEDING TRENDS Workforce development trends Foreign Labor This means that as more and better trained worker is more opportunities to migrate to Australia New degrees SPIRITUAL TRENDS This means the equal opportunity and fair treatment. For Australians what really matters is what a person achievesin life as a result of personal effort and no inheritance or luck. The easy wealth is not well appreciated in Australia. Individual identity trends It is difficult to define Australians,however in general it can be saidthat Australians are usually jovial,cordial, frank and informalcommunication and treatment MOTIVATIONAL TRENDS The Spirit "a fair go"
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