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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Crocodile Dundee - 1986 - $47,707,045 Arguably the most successful film ever produced in Australia, Crocodile Dundee is about the story of Mick Dundee, a brave croc poacher with a larger then life humour and knife. Starring Paul Hogan as the "Aussie Hero" to show the rest of world who we are, and how we act. A quick fact was the intonational version was 10 minutes shorter as all the Aussie lingo was cut, so foreigners could understand. Babe: The Gallant Pig - 1995 - $36,776,544The feel good movie Babe, was an unexpected smash hot around the world, as it didn't feature any world class actors. Based upon the novel by Dick King-Smith the ordinary pig turned Sheep-Pig charmed all ages, and the unforgettable line of "That'll do, Pig. That'll do. Babe was played by over 30 different piglets as they outgrew there part in the production so quickly. Moulin Rouge - 2001 - $27,734,406Known as the love it or hate it film, praised for its intensity thought the whole film and it's cheek. The first screening only sold 250 tickets, but given time this cult classic will never be forgotten. Starring a younger Nichole Kidman, mixed with a passionate romance, creativity and a modern twist of classical music. Australia - 2008 - $37,555,757Often referred to as the "Australian" Gone With The Wild, is an epic historical film about Australia's Indigenous history, WWII whilst incorporating the magnificent Australian landscape. It features two of the biggest stars in the world Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman both Aussie born. Happy Feet - 2006 - $31,786,164A film critically acclaimed for its visual and musical spectacular, we follow the journey of an odd penguin named Mumble, who is trying to discover who he is, whilst adding in the effects humanity is having on the Antarctic, some said it added a "dark" theme to a kids movie while other applauded this act. It also featured the late Steve Irwin in an unfinished scene, to honour the Aussie Hero. The Australian Film Industry has been full of up's and Down's, full of fabulous hits and absolute blunders. One of the first feature length films was an Australian one, some of the most know and renounce actors are Aussie's. Highest Grossing Films Of Australia 1 2 3 4 5 By Harrison Clayton
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