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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Australian Resources Main resources and their usages ? Gold is one of australia's non-renewable exports.It is used for making jewelry , cutlery or any itemof your wanting . It is an expensive resource as it is scarce Solar energy is a renewable source of Australia .Here , we have alot sunlight , and no use of land . Thus we have solarpower plants were we create electricity ..Most houses have or are starting to use solar panels on their roof. All of these natural resources that Australia distribute are a mix of finite and infinite objects, though we still need to take care of them. .For us to keep them preserved we must go about them in a sensible way . The earth eventually will regenerate most of these items but until then we have to find a way to substitute it . To do this we have to research these items and find a substitute. For example, we could stop using coal and fossil fuels to produce electricity because we have found more efficient ways to generate electricity.Car companies have also created an electric car which saves natural resources and your pocket money . Australia has a large amount of both the back , and brown coal . Most black coal resources are located in the Bowen-Surat which is in Queensland and at the Sydney basin . Australias crude oil resources, located mostly in the Carnarvon and Gippsland basins, are only small by world standards. Hydro Plants is a efficient energy supplier . These machines are mostly found around the 'wet' areas like Tasmania & NSW.They work by the flowing ater comingin pushing the turbine , creating energy. The use of wind turbines are growing quickly over australia. They conevert wind/ kinetic energy into energy. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text! Australia has a main export of Coal and Uranium.Earning over 70 million dollars every year , we export to places like China , Japan and India .
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