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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! Auschwitz History of Auschwitz The Auschwitz Concentration camp wasa network of germans nazi camp and extermination camps built and operated by the third reich in polish areas annexed by nazi germans during world war 2.The Auschwitz camp was established in 1940. Adolf Hitler hated the jews because he felt like they were causing all the problems and also if the jewsdidn't have blue eyes or blond hair. It took Hitler 3 years to plan the holocaust. Hitler declared that the Auschwitz camp was to be extended and turned into the exemplar camp of the "Final Solution" in 1941. Daily Life in the Auschwitz Camps The Divison of Auschwitz Formal division on Nov.22,1943 into 3 camps . Auschwitz 1 was the main camp in Oswiecim. In August 1944 it held about16 thousand prisoners. InOctober 1944 a camp forseveral thousand womenprisoners employed producingshell fuses in the union factory.Auschwitz 11 was the largest of the more than 40 camps andsub camps that made up the auschwitz camp. It opened asa branch of auschwitz in March1942 and served at the same time as a center for the killing of jews. Auschwitz 111 was oneof the first and also the largestof the subcamps of Auschwitz. The jews had a very hard time inthe Auschwitz Camp. If jews triedto escape they would most likelybe executed. Jews had numbers on their arms that represented theirnames. They had to do hard labor/basically slave work. Prisoners inthe camp received 3 meals: Morning, Noon,Evening. Order of the day was strictly established. Prisoners spent over 10hrs per day working and therest of the there time was taken up by long roll call asembles,lining up for food rations or a place in the washrooms or removing dirt from clothing. prisonersdug coal, produced ornaments and chemicals and expanded industrial plants. Executions were one means physically. First people were shot to deathin pits near the camp. Most of the hooting took place in the courtyard Block11. Executions were also carried out using poison gas. Shooting or killing in gas chambers and hanging was public. Punishments and Excutions The punishments were very harsh. Prisoners recieved different penalties for the same offences.The most frequent punishments were flogging, inblock 11 in the main camp "Hanging Torture" assigning a penalty. Jews were getting killed leftand right. Jews were also getting killed by Gas Chambers, Being starved,Getting shot and using Zyklon B. It was 5 to 6 Million Jews killed in the Auschwitz Camps.After they would kill them they would burn the bodies in a pit then after the bodies had been burned all the way tillash the Nazi Germans would dumped the ash in a pond. Work Cited! 1. Interesting Facts!! 1. I didn't know that the auschwitzcamp was the largest concentrationcamp.2. I didnt know it took hitler 3 years toplan the holocaust.3. I didn't know that when they burnedthe bodies they dumped then in a pond.4. I didnt know that they did public hangingto the jews.
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