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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who would be the audience for your media product? For my music magazine Ive decided my target audience is going to be 14 to 18 year old, white boys and girls, from the subculture of indie and grunge. People who are open about their looks, fashion and sexuality. People who enjoy music as well as the artists and production behind it. I said in an extract from a blog post I made identifying my target audience. Before the blog post was made a lot of thought and preparation went into this decision. Firstly, I made extensive research into music magazinesand presented my results using Photoshop and This research consisted of analyses of three of each; cover page, content page and double page spread. In these analyses I talked about key elements of the page and exactly why it was used in this way. This taught me all the key terminology I needed in thelater part of this process. Secondly, I was able to make my decision. Thinking about age, gender, race, sexuality, occupation, religion etc. To do this I used and made a blog post talking about all these points as well as identifying what music genre I was going to focus my magazine on, including examples of bands. As well as finding a picture of a typical reader with a brief fictional description of his lifestyle; talking about his jobs, hobbies, school, favourite bands and tv shows. This really put in perspective and helped get in the right mind set for the production of my magazine. When stuck I was able to refer back to this step and after reading through it again I would know exactly who I was making this magazine for.
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