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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A to Zs of Breastfeeding Adjust positions- yours and babys, it breastfeeding time! Begin breastfeeding within an hour after birth Continue breastfeeding till your baby is two years old Drink lots of water to hydrate yourself and replace your milk Eat healthy and balanced meals Feed your baby as many times as he or she wants! Give breast milk only; after six months complement with solid foods Healthy snacks for mom if hungry between meals Its OK to ask for help! Journal entries should be made of baby's wet diapers and weight! Know your babys cues for food Look into your babys eyes while feeding and connect! Monitor your baby to know when he/she is full No water should be given for the first 6 months: exclusively breastfeed Observe some siesta and get some sleep Protect your baby by proving antibodies through your milk! Questions? Contact a lactation consultant, breastfeeding counselor today Relax and be comfortable- its a moment for you and your baby Sanitary environment is essential for your baby! Talk to your baby! They love the sound of your voice Unrestricted exclusive breastfeeding leads to ample milk production Visit your doctor express any concerns With breastfeeding, you get back to pre-pregnancy weight faster X- Express and store milk if necessary; please avoid breast milk substitutes Youve got the most important job in the world, Remember that! Zero fear, weve got your back!
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