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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Time For Drunken Horses In the movie A Time For Drunken Horses, a Kurdish family does what they can to make it through life. The oldest, Ayoub and his sister Amaneh, have the responsibility to take care of their ill brother, Madi. Madi has a limited time left and needs an operation that they do not have the money to pay for. Ayoub has the job of finding the money to ensure Madi's survival. Ayoub decides to take up the job of smuggling materials across the Iran and Iraq borders. The job is dangerous and constant ambushes occur. Sadly, withall the work he's done, Ayoub does not get paid which is a known risk with taking the job. After another attempt to save Madi, Ayoub's failed plan to leave Madi with the bride-to-be, he comes up with a new plan. Ayoub convinces a man to allow him to travel to the border to sell his mule and pay for Madi's operation. Before the journey the mules are given an immense amount of alcohol to keep them warm. During the journey the men get ambushed causing them to have to run away. Because of the Mules drunken state, the men decide to leave some of them and just run. Ayoub knowing he must sell the Mule manages to get himself, Madi, and the mule across a fence to continue the journey. Plot of the Movie As shown in the picture, the physical geography of Iran is very mountainous.The climate during the winter Is dry with extreme coldness. The smugglers in the movie traveled through these harsh conditions. Geography Culture The Children in the movie are considered Kurdish. The characters speak Persian, but mostly Kurdish. The children do attend schooland continue studies at home. At the beginning of the movie we are told that many of the children wrap peoples bottle as a way to make money. As the boys get to be teenagers they start to help in the smuggling business. In this culture the women marry at a very young age as shown in the movie
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