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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SPAR TA GOVE RME NT ATHE NS vs CONT RIBU TION S WHAT THEY'RE KNOWN FOR CONTRIBUTI ONS WAY OF LIVING Their way of living is make trades with other city-states and have more ideals about things and are open for oppurtunities The Spartans need more land so they conquered other lands WHAT THEY'RE KNOWN FOR WAY OF LIVING GOVERM ENT They were surrounded by oceans and their land was 80% mountain ranges The Atheans were known for being well versed in arts and sciences Their contributions are arts,poetry,archit ecture,scientists, mathematiciansan dthebirth of democracy The Athenians were formerly an oligarchy that later on became a democracy because of the corrupt aristocrats which made the poor rebel against them thus leading to their reform GEOG RAPHI CALLO CATIO N The art is war is their contribution Spartans were known to be warriors and they are famous for their military forces The Spartan men will stay at the army until they turn 60 while the Spartan women stay home and raised healthy children 22 Kristine Malaya 27 Pauline Miclat Athens and Sparta were the two of the most famous and powerful city-states in Ancient Greece, but only one city-state remains greater than the other. Let's find out which city-state is the most supreme of them all. GEOGRA PHICALL OCATIO N Sparta is governed by oligarchy, which is composed of 2 kings and they are also ruled by the Council of Elders, a group of 28 men including the 2 kings. A group of 5 men are yearly elected to oversea the people's education and security. They are called ephors
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