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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mass of 2 Asteroids Compared to an Apple Bruised AppleBruised Earth Ceres946,000kilograms A(pple)stroids Eugenia6,100kilograms An Apple0.1kilograms Ceres and Eugenia (Asteroids) Ceres is the largest asteroid knownin our Solar System. It takes up approximately 1/3 of the asteroidbelt and is so large that is consideredas a dwarf planet. (45) Eugenia is another asteroid livingin the Asteroid Belt. Eugenia is a large asteroid, but Ceres is 155 timeslarger than Eugenia! An Average Apple Chances are you have eaten an applein your life. You can hold an apple inyour hand. In fact, the average appleis 9,460,000 times smaller than Ceres! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but when it does fall, it bruises. Not only is the apple impacted, but so is the Earthbeneath it. Now, an asteroid is fallingtowards Earth. This impact will be not onlybe destroying the asteroid but heavily affectour Earth as well. An incredibly large asteroid likeCeres would destroy Earth. On impact, Cereswould cause Earth's crust to peel away andthrow debris into the atmosphere. In just 1 day, the entirety of Earth would be covered in fire the heat of the sun, and all life would go extinct. If an Asteroid were tohit Earth... If an Apple Hit the Ground... The apple would fall and hit theground, bruising it. A bruised appleis one that a person wouldn'teat, therefore it's ruined. The groundbeneath the apple can be damaged too,as the dent may kill grass or other plants. When an apple falls from its tree it damaged life on the ground.When an asteroid falls into the atmosphere, it can destroy all life on Earth.Despite difference in size and edibility, apples and asteroids are staggeringly similar.
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