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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Assistive Technology is any tool that aids inimproving the life of people with disabilities Assisting Through Technology By Jenica Amrose Start of ACC technology IDEA: Free Appropriate Public Education 1973 1950 2000 54 million Americans with disabilities (US Bureau of the Census) T: IPAD apps that provideP: Accommodation/Modifications for students with disabiltiesAllowingC: Easy Access to core curriculim 80,000 educational apps available in Apple store( Lesson Plan: Step one: Students will research for an assistive technology in the apple store. Step two: Justify the educational benefits of the app.Step three: use this app in other classrooms asan assistive technology. Dragon Dictation: Voice Recognition SoftwareSpeak Text for eBook: Speak & Translate eBookMy Talk Tools: Augmentative CommunicationFirst, Then: First-Then Visual Schedule ApplicationEveryday Social Skills: Designed to Teach and Reinforce Basic Social Skills Facts Provided By: 21st Century Student is surrounded by Technology. A typical students spends 44.5 hours a week in front of a screen. Obviously, they enjoy technology, it keeps them engaged. So why wouldn't teachers use technology to promote education? Effective Integration: 1. Can make learning accessible for all students.2. Can be engaging and motivating for students.3. Can extend learning in the classroom.4. Should be revelant and used in an educational manner.
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