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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hero's Journey Joseph Campbell's Monomyth Did you know?Nearly every story that exists today follows the same structure of events. Let's get started! The first step is the Call to Adventure. Step 1: The Call to AdventureThe hero must leavetheir normal life and enter the worldof the unknown. Step 2: Refusal of the Call"But I don't want to leave my normal life! I refusethe Call to Adventure!" Step 3: Supernatural AidThe hero will decide willingly or be forcedto start the questdespite their refusal . . . . . . and that is when theywill meet their "aid"who will help them ontheir journey! Threshold Step 4: The Crossing of the ThresholdThe hero must step into the world of theunknown. Step 5: The Belly of the WhaleThe hero shows that they are readyto undergo a transformationand leave their old self behind. Step 6: The Road of TrialsThe hero must undergo testsand trials before they can fully transform. There are usuallythree trials to complete. Step 7: The Meeting with the GoddessThe hero meets someone who they love, or someonewho shows love to them. Step 8: TemptationThe hero will facetemptation to possibly lose all they have been working for. Step 9: Atonement with the FatherThe hero must confront what or who has power over their life. This person/thing could endup helping with the journey. Step 10: ApotheosisThe hero either dies a physicalor emotional death. Step 11: The Ultimate BoonThe hero achieves the goalof the journey! Yay! Step 12: Refusal of the ReturnThe hero does not want to go back to their normal boringworld . . . oh how the tables have turned. Step 13: The Magic FlightThe hero must return to their world. Step 14: Rescue from WithoutSomeone from theirworld comes to get them and take them home. Step 15: Return ThresholdThe hero goes back to their world! Now they are the "Master of Two Worlds"and have "Freedom to Live".
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