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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Karen Hanson Pedagogical Implication of Technological Revolution My Schooling Experience 21st Century and ourEthical/Professional Responsibilities as Teachers New Visions Things do not stay stagnant; life is ever-changing.So is technology. I feel that education should beever-changing and adapting as well.Being able to recite a fact is not the same thing asunderstanding it; just as knowing the "what" is notthe same as knowing the "where." I believe using technology gives both the teacher and the student a new hands-on way to manipulate the material being presented. Technology gives us that chanceto play with what we are learning. Innovative programsgive teachers new ways to present/represent data,and gives students a new way to interact with it. Playing gives our students a way to engage in experimentation.Technology use is becoming more common with eachsuccessive generation. Why would we ignore it?Not only is it a useful tool, but technology is asignificant part of student lives. Having somethingfamiliar utilized in the classroom may helpstudents form a connection to what they are learning. Thinking and Learning in the 21st Century In both my middle and high school experience, technology was used in the classroom. There were projectors, PowerPoint, assignments that were required to be word-processed, scientific equipment used in labs, and even Smart Boards. We viewed clips and films, and listened to musical recordings, and sometimes even recorded ourselves. Move of the technology was operated by the teacher. Our interaction consisted of doing research on a computer or using a word-processing program. As mentioned in the readings, there is an ocean of informationjust waiting to be accessed. Our students will be able to findeverything we say in our own classroom from some other sourceon the internet. This is exciting because it gives our studentsa easy way to revisit the information we present to themin a whole other form.I like the idea of how interactive technology (the internet)allows us to be. Why not bring that into the classroom? I believeincorporating more technology in my classroom will not only make it more hands on for my students, but will give them thatopportunity to play with their knowledge. A use of technologyI would like to impliment in my classroom would be to use anapplication on a tablet to dissect frogs. The neat thing about using an app for it, is that the student may use it over and over again.One can only dissect a real specimen once.
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