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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRODUCTIVITY APPS Assignment 1- MMS 142Criscelle O. Moya, 2007-95900 WoNdErshARE Merriam WebsterDictionary DRopBoX INSTAGRAM Features Productivity Points Role of the Internet Convenience double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. enable me to create photo movie with random enable me to create photo movie with random enable me to create photo movie with random Personalize video, enable to trim, cut and crop photo, video and audio Share movies anywhere: Facebook, Mobile Phones, TV, Youtube and more Free and downloadable Recommended by users and will definitely use tomultimedia productions Ability to browse words on mobile phones Accessible even without internet connectivity Internet enablepronunciation andupdate of apps Most downloadedDictionary apps on android market KJV Bibleby guanyc ability to read and search bible verses anytime Contains word dictionary,daily readings,bookmarks and favorites Ability to share thoughts and verses online Better than any other Bible apps online Ability store data on cloud, free and memory is adjustable,accessible anytime and anywhere, favorable also for group and companyfile sharing, can holds upto 1000GB Accessible on any computers and even on mobile, mobileapps are availablenowadays fordropbox Can synched in your computer document without taking much of the space, files is still accessible even without internet and will automatically synched once connected to the internet It features instant photo editing and enhancement and ability to take pictures in a more classy way Can take images even without internetconnectivity Useful for personal documentationand diary of personal stuff and photography hubbyand synchronization of images in manysocial networking sites Ability to synched with facebook and personal computer and gallery Internet connections enable you to upload images Preferred for office use for exchangingof files necessary foroperation and storing data on cloud
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