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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HospitalPrimary CareMental HealthSenior CentersChurches & ReligiousOrganizationsImmigrant/ Health Insurance Assistance KEY MH MH MH PC PC PC PC PC PC PC PC PRIMARY CARE 1. Center for Comprehensive Health - Primary Care Center2. Boriken Neighborhood Health Center3. Institute for Family Health - Family Health Center at North General4. Harlem United Primary Car - El Farro Primary Care Clinic5. La Clinica del Barrio - Family Health Center6. East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership7. Settlement Health and Medical Service - Community Health Care Center HOSPITALS 1. Metropolitan Hospital Center2. Mount Sinai Hospital MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES 1. Mount Siani Medical Center - Mental Health Outpatient Clinic & Psychiatric ER2. Metropolitan Hospital Center Mental Health Services3. James Weldon Johnson Counseling Center - Child, Adolescent, and Adult Mental Health Services 1. Corsi Senior Center2. Gaylord White Senior Center3. Jefferson Senior Center4. Washington Lexington Senior Center 5. East River Adult Day Center6. Union Settlement Senior Services (108th)7. Union Settlement Senior Services (114th) SENIOR CENTERS MH CHURCHES & RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS 1. Alianza Cristiana Y Misionera2. Bethany Christian Church3. Calvary Chapel Manhattan North4. Chambers Memorial Baptist Church5. Church Of Saint Edward the Martyr6. Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel7. Church of St. Paul8. Church of the Good Neighbor9. Church of the Holy Agony10. Church of the Living Hope11. East Harlem Fellowship12. East Ward Missionary Baptist Church13. Elmendorf Reformed Church14. Emmanuel Chapel15. First Sharon Baptist Church16. First Spanish United Methodist Church17. Greater Highway Deliverance Temple18. Greek Orthodox Community of St George & St Demetrios19. Holy Cross Church Rectory21. 20. Holy Rosary Church22. Holy Tabernacle Church23. Hosanna City Church Inc24. Iglesia Abrigo Del Altisimo25. Iglesia La Sinagoga26. Iglesia Pentecostal Casa De Dios27. Manhattan Citadel Worship Center28. Sion Iglesia Luterana (Zion Lutheran Church)29. St Francis De Sales Church30. St. Ann R.C. Church31. St. Cecilia Church32. St. Lucy's33. United Moravian Church IMMIGRANT/HEALTH INSURANCE ASSISTANCE 1. Harlem United - East Side Adult Day Health Center (El Faro)2. East Harlem Council for Human Services - Boriken Health Center3. La Casita de la Salud
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