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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Assessment Validity and Reliability *Varying degrees/levels of validity*Content-focused - Are assessments aligned to goals/ standards/objectives/learning targets?*Are assumptions made from assessment results accurate?*Are results used properly (ex. are you testing to determine comprehension or to make instructional decision?)*Are you assessing the information that was taught?*Are you assessing at an appropriate level? Validity Reliability *Focused on how assessment is created,administered, and graded*Are results repeatable?*Level of reliability based on assessment errors *Errors can be situational or due to poor layout/creation of assessment*Are expectations clear?*Is grading fair and unbiased. Type of Validity Content-Related: How well the assessment represents content that you are assessingCriterion-Related: Whether or not the resultsrelate to a different assessment of thesame material or content or how it can be usedto make inferences about performance now or in the future.Consequential:How the assessment affects factors like student success, engagement, and instructional decisions made based on assessment. Considerations to Determine Reliability 1) If same assessment isadministered again would students get same score? (Are there factors that could have affected student performance, such as how theyare feeling that day?)2) If different people graded theassessment, would they assignthe same score?3)Are students answering questions on same content consistently throughout the assessment (if not, this couldbe a sign that there is a lack of clarity on instructions orexpectations. Effects on Assessment Results *Inaccurate understandingof student knowledge andability*Inaccurate results lead poordecision-making, such asunnecessary remediationor moving on to next unittoo soon. *Inaccurate understanding of student knowledge and ability*Unfair grades that do not reflect true understanding ofstudent*Biased or inequitable resultsdue to lack of access to resources
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