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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education In Ancient Rome Education was very important to the romans and it was mandatory for the rich to go to school to have a better future than the poor. The Poor just learned how to read and write while the rich got a more formal education. Education was only aloud for boys while the girls stayed at home. Children work at school for the whole week but often got religious holiday which meant not attending school.The Romans value education as they thought it was importantto the society and great care was taken with it. Education in Rome was focused more on teaching their students everyday skills. In a Roman perspectivethey value not only thinking but how to deal and contributeto the society and community. They used many different ways to educate their students to elevate their knowledge. There was many writing systems starting at 3500 BC like in ancient Eygpt they managed to fully develop hieroglyphs which is Greek for 'sacred writing' that used a mixtureof logographic and alphabetic factors.The Romans/Latins developed their alphabet by the Etruscans and from then on other languages adaptedfrom them. The Romans changed some of the sounds of theletters in the alphabet The latin letters are very similar to our letters here in the present. It helped us communicateour knowledge in a different way which is writing,It helps us when we want to catch up on people like writing letters to each other when they arein a different area. How the Romans Influenced us The Romans have a big impact on our lives. Many things that form our everyday lives were either introduced or improve by theRomans. The Romans have invented schools where children can go to everyday and learn. School is an easy way for us to receive knowledge and share it. We have developed languages from the Roman alphabet. The Romans have invented classes wherewe can learn different subjects that we use today. The Romans have also made up wax tablets which we can easilyuse without having to waste paper we basically also use that now which is whiteboards.I think education is an important role in our lives because without education we would not be able to communicate in different wayssuch as reading, Our society wouldn't as be stable and we also would not be able to build houses/buildings, roads etc. Educationis what brings us together and to understand each other.
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