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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 POISO NING Ways to reduc eAss aults andp oisoni ng ASSAU LTS An d If your effec ted Who's fault is it? Types of assaults Types of poisoning There are many ways to reduce assaults and poisoning. For parents they have to always know what their kids are doing and allowing them to do things if your comfortable and think they are responsible enough. But for adults, if your going out. Watch how many drinks you have and try not to get too influenced that you start having a physical fight with someone If your effected. The effects can effect you for your whole life. But In worse cases, like you are drugged or seriously hurt, death can be one of the major effects this won't only effect you but it will effect the people around you How many indigenou speople have died from poisoning How many Australi ansfrom NSW die from assault s How many Australi ansdie from poisonin g Now that the media has become a big thing, this increases the amount of cyber assaults that goes on. For older people it's mainly their fault but as for younger people, the influence of their parents become a big factor Assaults and poisoning range from a number of things. From cyber assaults, to physical assaults and even verbal assaults Poisoning also ranges from a lot of different things. Poisoning can range from food poisoning to maybe you swallow something like ink. Poisoning can also occur for someone puts drugs in your drink while your not looking How many indige nousp eople haved iedfro massa ults 189 people per year 196 people per year 954 people per year Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Assaults and poisoning is effecting younger people more and more now due to the media increasing How It effects? 323 people per year
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