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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shenzhen andGuangzhou Tokyo Dhaka Economy Environment Quality of Life By: Ariane Narbeshuber Contributed to 20%of China's economic growth. spend years awayfrom family, pollution affects health, jobs=wealth According to the World Bank, 16 of the worlds 20 cities with the worst air are in China scale proportionally. Economy Economy Environment Quality of Life Environment Quality of Life Japan held ontothe title of the worlds second largest economy for more than 40 years from 1968 to 2010. Japan has higher levels of dioxin in its air than any other G20 nation. It's air pollution has improved a lot over the years Tokyo goal of increasing roadside trees in Tokyo to 1 million - increasing clean air&healthy lives Government refuses to acknowledge that40 % of people in Dhaka are slum dwellers. Unemployment rate in Dhaka is at a high 19% G20 Nation - The Group of Twenty is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. MEGACITIES IN ASIA 52 percent of the lowlands and 33 percent of thewater bodies - rivers, lakes, etc. - around Dhaka have been lost to urbanization. Dhaka's State Income is one of the fastest growing in Asia;reportedly growing 9.3% per year Shenzhen&GuangzhouTokyoDhaka Economy Environment Quality of Life Good Bad Could improve Cities such as Japan have plans to improve the environment, which will have a good impacton the health of the citizens as well. While the economy hasdeveloped mostly positively, the environment and the quality of life in Asia has been affected both negatively and positively. Right now, urbanization is going in the right direction for the economy of megacities but needs to improve theenvironment and the quality of life.
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