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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Secret Giftby, Ted GupPublicated in 2010Sami Watkins Period 7 Did you know?1. Nearly 50% of children did not have food, shelter, or medical care.2. Homeless people would use newspapers as blankets.3. Homeless people lived in Shanty's, which where makeshift houses, made of cardboard, and other scraps.4. Five dollars in the 1930's is worth about 100 dollars today.5. A group of shanty's are called "hoovervilles" which is named after "Herbert Hoover." Theme- Appreciate what you have, and be kind. i know this because "B Virdot" in this story gives to money to tons of homeless families, anonomously, he does this without being recognized, and they appreciate every penny. Setting- Canton, Ohio. 1930's, and present time. OHIO. Present Day Food Prices.Butter- $3.00Bread- $1.90Meat- $2.98 per poundMilk- $3.60 Present Day Population- 11 million 1930 Food Prices.Butter- $0.28 Bread- $0.08Meat- $0.39 per poundMilk- $0.10 Population in 1930-6.6 Million double click to change this header text! Unemployment in 1930-30% The plot- In "A Secret Gift" is written from the authors point of view. In this book he finds a briefcase in his mothers house, and finds a bunch of notes, canceled checks and they were all for $5. All of the checksare signed by "B Virdot." So he takes his time to figure out who B Virdot is. He soon finds out B Virdot was his grandfather Sam Stone, and he used to send out $5 to 150 different families before christmas. His grandfather owned a chain of clothing stores so he had a lot of money "laying around" he used his money, and gave it to homeless families during the great depression. He did this anonomously because he did not want the families to feel a sense of shame if they ever ran into him in person. Present Day Unemployment-7%
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