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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1719John Law found wealth in France. 1720The word millionaire was first used. 1719Mississippi Companymonopoly on import of tobacco, and all of France's trade with Asia, Africa, and the Louisiana Colony. 1718-1720The Mississippi Bubble/ Ponzi Scheme Acquisition of other companies and generous dividends Law paid were financed, not from the company profits, but by sellingnew shares. 1789Royal Bankruptcy to the French Revolution. 1810-18365 sons of Mayer Amschel Rothschild rose from the ghetto to power in international finance. 1815- Battle of WaterlooFrench based on plunder andBritish based on debt, were thetwo financial systems that contested themselves at Waterloo. Mid-1800sCotton used as bonds to raise money for Civil War. 1862-Cotton Famine 1861-1865American Civil War 1913Rothschild had a range of foreign investment. Ascent of Money: Bonds of War Timeline 1914Declaration of WWI, closes stock exchange. RyesaZibon RyesaZibon 1845Grain & rural property price went down, Late 1850sSouthern cotton accounted for "77% of the 800 million pounds of cotton consumed in Britain, 90% of the 192 million pounds used in France, 60% of the 115 million pounds spun in the German Zollverein, and as much as 92% of 102 million poundsmanufactured in Russia." 1862The Unionist North blocked the port of New Orleans, thereby eliminating the possibility of every investor to collect his collateral if needed, thus rendering the bonds worthless, and turning the war in their favour. 1832In Canton William Jardine and James Matheson had a trading company,their most profitable source of income was drugs. 1815- Napoleon's DefeatNathan and his brothers bought out all bouillons once Napoleon returned. After his defeat they nearly wentbankrupt. 1805Nathan Rothschild made a fortune in trading bills of exchange through a banking enterprise.
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