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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RABBITS? DOGS? A mans best friend or a useless animal? More than 65,000 dogs are tortured every year. Many dogs are put through toxicology studies. They are force fed chemicals and suffer until they are poisoned to death. Dogs hearts are also commonly tested on; they are forced to run on a tredmill until they have a heart attack and collapse. Many dogs also are locked in their cages for years. More than 170,000 rabbits are abused every year. They're forced to do Draize eye irritancy test; this test causes blindness. They're also forced to take skim corrosion test; their backs are shaved and chemicals are dumped on their skin then settle into their body for two weeks. After these torture sessions, just for makeup and other human products, the rabbits are killed. CATS? Over 22,000 cats are experimented on every year. The cats who are experimented on are often stolen from homes or bought from the animal shelter. Pregnant cats are often bought for low prices and their kittens die from harsh experiments. In other experiments, cats have holes drilled into their brain and electrolytes are attached. After nearly every experiment, if the cats didn't die, they are killed after, Mice? sources: More than 100 million rats are killed every year for experimentation. Unnecessary procedures, such as injecting drugs into rats, take place everyday. These animals feel pain,loneliness, and fear just like humans...but they are still tortured. These animals don't even have a law to protect them; they receive no pain reliever.h animals-used-for-experiment ation/animals-laboratories/m ice-rats-laboratories animals-used-for-experiment ation/dogs-laboratories/ animals-used-for-experiment ation/rabbits-laboratories/ animals-used-for-experiment ation/cats-laboratories/ ontent/uploads/2012/12/ne g 2010/10/15/article-1320889 -0BA11910000005DC-746_2 33x355.jpg
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