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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mice and rats inlabora tories Mrs.Fri sbyand the rats of NIMH vs Type sof testi ng Pain Relief Types of testing Pain relie f Capt uring 's In my book,Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMHthere is one university, and that is called NIMH.(National Institute of Health).This university tests on the rats,and I am about to explain how thatmatches to the article. In my book,Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, the rats get injected with steroids to see how they willrespond to different actions, with the steroids in them. Of course,they became stronger, and morephysical, but, it just did not feel right. The rats are tested on, and afterdon't have any treatment.They are just left there in pain. It doesn't neccasarsily say that, but the author hints it. They don't get any treatment, after, but are left in pain, because they are notapart of the General AnimalAct. The rats that are being tested on in my book, were notreally picked, theywere just caught roamingin the wild, and some researchers decided to take them, and research them, they really didn't have a select way of doing this. Uni ver sity In my article (Mice and Rats in Laboratories), there are a couple of universitieslisted, such as, The University of North Carolinain Chapel Hill, and The University of Utah. This connects to my book becausethey are both universities testing on rats In my article, the rats being tested on were injected with differenttypes of drugs, and steroids, like the book to see how they will respondto different actions with these drugs,and steroids in. The researchers knowbut don't care about how much painthese rats are in, they still inject these drugs into them to seehow they will respond to different action, such as swimming in opaque water, and see if they can find there way out, and a very complex maze. These poor rats don't get any treatment after, and are just left in pain. Like I said before,these researchers know how much in pain these poor little rats are in, but they still just let them sit there, and unlike my book, but verysad, some rats die after,or even during the research, andthe researchers don't care Univ ersit y Like my book,these rats werejust minding there own buisness in the woods,roaming around, and bam, some researchers come and just snatch them.They also don'thave a very select way, and just see a nice rat, take it, and decide to research on it. Capturing's By:Paulina Kachalova
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