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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 North Koreans American s vs Korean s Internet Transportatio n Work As Americans we are encouraged to be different and to be ourselves.We are unique and proud of it! North Koreans are discouraged from standing out. They are taught to be the same and not to stick out. Interne t Transportatio n Work Americans have access to all sourcesof internet. Most everyone has a phone,computer, or tv. Buses, Cars, Bikesand Subways are the transportation of America. There are many different jobs in America. And by going to school you can choose your career. Breakfas t Breakfast usually consists of corn porridge,boiled egg, sour yogurt and powedered milk. Isolation | Fear | Death Liberty | Freedom | Life Here is a look in the daily life in America vs the daily life in the most secretive country in the world, North Korea. Breakfast North Koreans do not have the option to pick their career. Goingto school gives them almost no advantage. Breakfast is a very diverse meal.Eggs, Coffee, Cereal with milk,biscuits, pancakes or baconare the most common. Most Koreans use subways and bikes to get around. There are not many cars in Korea. All internet is monitored and censored. North Korea even has their own internet with only governmentapproved information. A border guard stands watch at the border of North and South Korea. Americans People walk around Times Square in New York City.
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