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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drinks Panera Bread Hot Coffee $1.85Bottled Water $1.25Orange Juice $1.50Low Fat Wild Berry Smoothie $3.50 Iced Tea $2.00Low Fat Mango Smoothie $3.00Caffe Latte Entrees Chicken Noodle Soup $4.27 Mac and Cheese $6.29Turkey Chili $5.67Baked Potato Soup $4.65Broccoli Cheddar Soup $5.59BBQ Chicken Flat bread $6.59Chicken Tortellini Alfredo $6.99 Sides Soft Dinner Roll $0.76French Baguette $0.96Chips $1.02Baked Chips $1.94Fruit Cup $1.98Banana $.0.72Caesar Salad $4.52Strawberry Parfait $2.58 The check total for everyone for $70.29. Since there was four friends going to Panera Bread, so I has to divide it by four so I had to make sure that everyone got what they had to pay. Arossa, Kennedy, Corey, and Micheal had to pay about $18.00. Though I had to round up so I could make it even. Dessert Vanilla Cupcake $2.79Chocolate Cupcake $2.79Pecan Roll $2.69Cherry Pastry $2.59Carrot Cake With Walnuts $2.39Orange Scone $2.49Cranberry Orange Muffin $2.29 You ate: a low fat wild berry smoothie $3.50, a mac and cheese $5.29, a chicken tortellini Alfredo $6.99, a fruit cup $1.98, baked chips $1.94, a cherry pastry $2.59, and a vanilla cupcake $2.79Corey ate: low fat mango smoothie $3.00, BBQ chicken flat bread $6.59, french baguette $0.96, and a Pecan roll $2.69Michael ate: orange juice $2.50, all natural low-fat chicken noodle soup $4.27, banana $0.72, french baguette $0.96, and a chocolate cupcake $2.79Kennedy ate: hot chocolate with chocolate chip marshmallows $3.00, mac and cheese $5.29, soft dinner roll $0.76, vanilla cupcake $2.79, and a cherry pastry $2.59 Total cost: $70.29 Explantion By: Arossa Adhikary
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