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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas OBJECTS drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] double click on textto edit or change TEXT Arms Race South Africa Nuclear Weapons United Nations * abandoned all nuclear weapons in 1989* they had built 6 nuclear weapons and were in the process of building the 7th as a defense from Soviet threats, when the decided to discontinue their nuclear program* since abandoning its nuclear weapons program, South Africa has become a champion of both global nuclear nonproliferation and equal access to peaceful nuclear energy* one commonly believed reason for the denuclearization of South Africa was to prevent a future government from misusing the technology* the remaining nuclear sources have made it a possible exporter of nuclear technology and knowledge Lethal Weapons Australia * put heavy restrictions on their gun policy* gun violence then decreased by 59%* after a massacre in Tasmania (where 35 people died) Australia created a law that banned semi-automatic and automatic shotguns* firearm licenses were created which required a safety course and a genuine reason to own a gun (not including self-defense)* Australian Institute of Criminology states that firearm-perpetrated homicide (i.e. murder and manslaughter) has declined from 24% (1989-90) to 12% (2009-10) * in 1946, the UN General Assembly established a commission to deal with issues regarding atomic energy* the commission was created to make proposals for the control of atomic energy to ensure use only for peaceful purposes*it was decided that the commission should also make proposals for "the elimination of national armaments of atomic weapons and all other weapons capable of mass destruction"*since then, many multilateral treaties have been created with the aim of preventing nuclear proliferation and testing while promoting nuclear disarmament * a number of other treaties and arrangements have been created to reduce or eliminate certain kinds of nuclear weapons*September 26 is the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. The UN uses this day as an opportunity to educate the public and their leaders about the benefits of eliminating these weapons and the social and economic costs of perpetuating them About 17 thousand nuclear weapons have been made worldwide While it's a very slow and gradual process, countries are making their way toward denuclearization and general gun disarmament to create peace both nationally and internationally. Morgan Assavedo, Brittany Robert, & Maddy Walker
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