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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Armenia-Turkey Startup Weekend the first ever Startup Weekendto be organized in Gyumri, secondlargest city of Armenia I took part in 10 Startup Weekends and it was the first one with pianoentertainment at night! The Weekend was run by two licensed facilitators from Turkey + with coaching support provided by a coordinator from Armenia. 15 12 1 1 The event embraced 12 participants from Turkey 15 participants from Armenia an expatriate participant from Estonia (temporarily residing in Armenia) The participants formedsix mixed teams duringthe kick off in Yerevan!!! Intersting Statistics Instagram The organizers, the delegates, the participants and many other stakeholders demonstrated phenomenal activity on social media, regularly posting status updated on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, uploading photos on Instagram and short videos on Vine. used 321 times swgyumri ArmTurkExchange used 479 times ArmTurkStartupWeekend used 19 times Out of top influences, John Heffern, the US Ambassador to Armenia, live-tweeted and re-tweeted from the event, as well as retweeted an interview after the event The youngest participant was 19 years old! They developed their startup ideas during live streaming was provided during the whole event ArmInfo Armenian Public Radio ArmenPress 1tv Kentron TV A1+ Armnewstv Aravot Tsayg TV Dünya Hürriyet Daily News IRIB TechCrunch 24 hours in Gyumri! out of 27 total The event was covered by and others... SW was a part of InnoWeekend, the largesttechnological event in Armenia ever with300+ participants to date, the delegation to Armeniawas largest Turkish technology entrepreneurship delegation to any country Around 15 ideasa 6 teams a winner team Winner Team WeCloud Best Team Home Planning Best Team & Presentation ChocoLove full scholarship for ProjectManagement classes a 1000 USD cash award from InnoWeekend study trip to Turkey in 2015 WeCloud received The Startup Weekend judges panel comprised of members of the Turkish delegation and representatives of the Armenian ICT community A follow-up initiative, i. e. a longer term partnership between four startup teams, is currently supported by the US embassy in Armenia Armenia-Turkey November 7-9 StartupWeekend dignitaries to visit the Armenia-Turkey Startup Weekend included: John Heffern, the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia,Lukas Gasser, the ambassador of Switzerland to Armenia; Samvel Balasanyan, the Gyumri mayor; Emil Tarasyan, Deputy Minister of Economy; delegates from the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Armenia-Turkey Startup Weekend, along with the Exchange of Entrepreneurs Project, was held by Public Journalism Club (Armenia)and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (Turkey) and funded by the European Union within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process Programme General Facts: the first Starup Weekend to be hold between the two countries the first SW to be organized between two countries with closed borders andwithout diplomatic relations who? what? a facilitator when? The competition had an extra international flavor due to a repatriate from Canada (who has permanently moved to Armenia) participants were 5 two honourable mentioned teams
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