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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Arm Injuries in Youth Baseball 20% 30% 40% What's the problem? 5% of youth pitchers suffera serious elbow or shoulder injury within 10 years Such injuries require: Surgery Early retirement frombaseball The Risk OVERUSE 75+ Pitches Risk of Injury: 2.5X GREATER Pitching With Tired Arm Risk of Injury: GREATER 6X In A Season 3.5X Risk of Injury: 600+ Pitches GREATER 10% In A Game 50% 60% 40% Elbow/Shoulder Injury Rates Youth- High School Of High School Pitchers Have Shoulder Pain Have Elbow Pain 26% Of Youth Pitchers 19% Of Little League Pitchers Ages 8-13 Have Elbow Or Shoulder Pain